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NQT Resource Hub

This brief consisted of creating an easy-to-use and intuitive website design for primarily University of Worcester NQT’s (Newly Qualified Teachers) which incorporates a colourful, friendly style whilst keeping the functionality needed of the site in general.

Website Overview

Having multiple pages as a visual template for the client to understand as well as the extra inclusion of a template where the resources can be input were needed to complete the brief to the client’s standards.

NQT Website Overview


The overall look of the homepage (Appendix J) is bright and inviting from the moment the user accesses the site. The ‘welcome’ section, located at the top of the page, is a small amount of writing, providing information for first-time users regarding what the site is and how to get the best from it. To prevent overloading the user, this page is simple, clean and utilises the user-friendly navigation previously explained.

NQT Homepage.jpg

Resource Template

As well as having the users uploading their own content, an example of an already existing resource template has been created; a downloadable and printable lesson plan. There are clear links to the website within the colour scheme and the use of the jigsaw pieces in the top right-hand corner, this is so that more people can associate a resource that is helpful with the site.

NQT Resource Template.jpg
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