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The National Archives

Having a passion for children’s literature, this brief was so interesting and allowed for me to explore the early skills needed for this target audience. The research alone helped me understand the different educational aspects needed within the booklet; mainly exploring visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning.

Front and Back Cover

Having a train as the main visual throughout the booklet allows for a cohesive design and for the booklet to be linked more to the theme of travel.

TNA - Front and Back Cover

First Spread

There are multiple activities for the children to partake in, including matching flags, a word search, drawing your own flag, a recipe and a maze.

TNA - Inside Pages 1

Second Spread

There are also little facts within, to be able to get the children to learn whilst having fun. These facts link to the theme and to the visuals throughout.

TNA - Inside Pages 2
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