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Here you will find older/other projects of mine.


Creating an animated logo for the brand FLEX revolved around combining the elements of flexibility, constant change, creativity and surprise for an effective branding componant.

Mental Health Photography

Choosing the topic of mental health within this photography brief allowed for me to delve into how people actually feel with these conditions, to visually show a normally very taboo and hidden illness.

Editorial Illustrations

Creating multiple editorial illustrations for newspapers, magazines and for online articles allowed me to practice the use of iconography and implement it in the settings needed.

Eclectic - Phone Screen

Combining the “essence of you” and “dream” aspects, an idea surrounding personal growth and the future was created. The colours used represent tranquillity and a more straightforward night sky theme; this links to the interest in astrology and all things space.

Anxiety Photography
Eating Disorder Photography
OCD Photography
Birdsong Editorial Illustration
Book Review Editorial Illustration
Podium Editorial Illustration
Eclectic Phone Screen
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