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Penny the Penguin

For my Dissertation I chose the question ‘How can Picture Books Positively Assist in the Education of Children Between the Ages of 3-6 Years Old?’ which led me to research, write and design an educational picture book; every colour, image and text decision was thought through thoroughly. The book follows the main character ‘Penny’ as she visits the farm and meets all of the lovely farm animals, encouraging children to join in with identifying said animals, the colours and uses counting to further the children’s education.

For a flipbook version, please click on the following link:

Front Cover

Below is the front cover of the 'Penny the Penguin Goes to the Farm' picture book. It gives an insight into what the book is about, where it is set and who the characters might be.

Penny the Penguin Front Cover.jpg

Inside Spread

Incorporating colour within the visuals allows for the children to follow along with the story better. Children are more stereotypically visual learners so having the clear link is crucial in their development.

Penny the Penguin Rooster Page

Back Cover

As a final 'hoorah!', all of the characters that are seen within the book are shown on the back cover to both give an insight (before the book is read) and as a 'goodbye' (after it is read).

Penny the Penguin Back Cover.jpg
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