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D&AD New Blood Awards - Audible Brief

Entering into the D&AD New Blood Awards allowed for me to get a taste of a professional design activity. Creating a book cover and supporting advertisements for a fantasy/adventure audiobook got my creativity flowing and using my love of books to aid in the outcome. Having a magical theme flowing throughout the outcomes, I used the brief and synopsis very carefully so that there were clear links but also a unique break within.

Out-of-Home Advertising - Billboard

It is situated on a street in London (or another busy city) which is also somewhere the target audience would see the advertisement. Being very simplistic works well in the situation; getting the driver’s attention.

Audible D&AD Billboard

Out-of-Home Advertising - Mall

Having another example of where my designs could be advertised, the mall is perfect for the 18 - 34 year old target audience as this is where they go more often than any other age group.

Audible D&AD - Mall

Accompanying Presentation Slide

Text below: "Books are full of beautiful, vivid stories and knowledge that creates an urgent desire to be read, so much so, that it is bursting at the seams. The Faraway gives an escape to the listeners; taking them to a 'faraway' land full of fantasy and adventure."

Audible D&AD - Book Cover
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