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Creating a colourful, bold design that will stand out in the streets of London that also gave clear and simple to understand information was the key to this brief. The pink was chosen over the green and blue colours to give a unique branding within this specific market.

Website - Bookings Page

Creating a website for the fictional company was the main focus and aspect as it allows for customers to actually use their services. The jagged lines used breaks up the page with a burst of colour and allows for the eye to understand the spacings - the bike on the pink ‘track’ scrolls with the page to create a unique and interesting feature.

Bibyke Website


Creating other, supporting items allowed for a wider audience to be captured; having a similar style throughout allows for a cohesive overall brand aesthetic.

Bibyke Poster

Business Card

Say a courier is stopped by a member of the public and is asked about the company, a business card would be helpful to give them with details to social media and the website; such as the below design.

Bibyke Business Card
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