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Working alongside the marketing team at Gasco and Stovax led to multiple projects taking place. Examples of some of these projects are: redesigning brochures for different dimensions, logo/branding design and creating layouts for flyers.

For flipbooks of a portrait and landscape brochure, please click on the following links:

This work was done whilst on work experience and adapting existing designs the company already had in place. 

Employee Handbook

Creating a new, more user-friendly cover for the employee handbook which incorporated the colours and visuals of the branding. The back cover had very little creative roam as the 'ideals' of the company had to be seen, however, the front had more freedom.

Stovax Employee Handbook.jpg

Nordpeis 'Best Stove' Pages

In the image below, there are three adaptations for a landscape brochure page showcasing that Nordpeis has become an award-winning brand; 'best stove'.

Nordpeis 'Best Stove' Pages

Highlights from the Year 2021 - Flyer

Including a total of 13 different fires and stoves, the highlights flyer could have been a very busy and messy design, however, with the different sections and sizes of the images, it has become a sophisticated and informative piece.

Stovax Highlights Flyer
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