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My Creative Heroes

Having the brief ‘create a publication showcasing your 8 creative heroes – pick ones that have inspired you to become the designer you are today’ allowed me to use my own creative inspirations within which created a very unique and personalised design. Letting a bit of myself get visualised within! As a first publication project, it ignited a passion for publication design.

Introduction and Contents Page

Having a design that complimented my prefered visual style (as of 2019) as well as allowing the eight different creatives' work to show through meant that a minimal style was used.

Creative Heroes - Intro and Contents

Ari Gibson and Axel Scheffler

Below are two of my 'creative heroes' which influence how I became a designer. There is a cohesive layout, having an image of their work, an image of the creative themself, some copy which I wrote and then a quote from them.

Creative Heroes - Ari Gibson and Axel Scheffler

Rene Magritte and Cassandra Calin

Having a range of fine art, game art and illustrative creatives allowed for the booklet to have a variety of styles and information whilst sticking with the minimal/bold style chosen; it gives more personality per page.

Creative Heroes - Rene Magritte and Cassandra Calin
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