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Centre for Alternative Technology

A promotional campaign for sustainability is getting more and more common. I really enjoyed this project, allowing for research into the company and supporting elements to be influenced highly within my designs. Having a punchy tagline combined with a bold visual allows for the whole design to grab the attention of the general public and further getting them intrigued and wanting to know more.

Energy - Bus Stop Advert

The big, in-your-face illustration of the personified planet grabs the attention of passers-by, which is ideal for the bus shelter advert design. The Earth can be perceived as endearing, with happy closed eyes and blush on its cheeks, which appeals to the target audience of young adults.

Technology - Social Media GIF

The social media advert has minimal elements of the design but to give more movement to the piece, a GIF has been created. The Earth wheel of the bike is moving, allowing for the viewer to become interested in the visual element. 

Energy - Poster Back

The back of the A5 flyers required more changes to the design allowing for the information to be included. Having a scaled-down version of the main visual elements in the bottom right corner maintains the consistent aesthetic of the designs whilst allowing the space to have a better usage.

CAT Energy - Bus Stop Advert
CAT ​Energy - Poster Back
CAT Technology - Social Media GIF
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