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The Green Corridor

Creating an information board, leaflet and mobile mock-ups for the University of Worcester Sustainability Team to help visitors learn about that department at St John's Campus. The target audience was varied but according to the brief, primarily ‘prospective students and their families, students, staff and campus visitors’ which means the designs have to cover everyone, no matter the age, gender or disability.

Leaflet - Front of Wildlife

Having an informative leaflet about the wildlife around the St John's campus (University of Worcester) meant having both visuals and space for writing. The illustrations are drawn via a drawing tablet.

The Green Corridor - Leaflet

App - Wildlife Page

To keep the design cohesive, I took the key visual (being the leaflet) and changed the layout to allow for an app to be created. It allows for a better outreach into the digital world; reaching more people.

The Green Corridor - App

Infographic Signage

This sign would be located at one of the entrances of the St John's campus, allowing for any students to have a look as well as any visitors who are on the university grounds.

The Green Corridor - Sign
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